By depicting creatures, things, feelings and activities relating to current and potential future human-animal relationships, Humanimojis aim to fill the gaps in the universal emoji library, which is regulated by the Unicode Consortium. Anyone can propose new emojis to the consortium. Once approved for their relevance and significance, they are permanent additions to universal digital language.

Which Humanimojis need to become part of the global emoji library?
Novel creatures like clone sheep Dolly, Glo-Fish™ and SpiderGoat™, de-extinct species like the wooly mammoth, or substitutes like lab-grown meat could soon populate the digital realm and be part of everyday communication.

By using Humanimojis from this growing archive, you can familiarize with potential human-animal futures, address feelings of ambivalence, and reflect on desirable or non-desirable scenarios.

A selection of statements will be published on the Humanimoji-website.
Humanimojis that proof to be relevant will be proposed to the Unicode Consortium.

A project by Tanja Seiner and Johannes Tolk

Developed on occasion of the exhibition “Creatures Made to Measure – Animals and Contemporary Design” at Design Museum Gent 17.05–29.09.2019

With thanks to Design Museum Gent and Museum Marta Herford